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Cryptocurrencies are today one of the most “hot” topics, especially among investors. It is thanks to them that you can earn a lot of money and what is important without too much effort. Among all crypts, Bitcoin is the leader, or the cryptocurrency with the largest capitalization. Some people think that this is a future that will be used every day, others say it is a typical speculative bubble that will soon break with a bang and many investors will lose their money. Whatever you say about this currency, it should be said that today it is the best investment, although the increase in its value is not as violent as it was a few weeks ago. And everything that brings profit, tempts potential investors who simply want to earn on it. But in order to make money in this cryptogram, first we have to get into it. To fund our wallet with bitcoins, we have two options. First of all, we can buy them on the currency exchange. There are a lot of them, and it is best to search them on the Internet. Secondly, we can “dig” bitcoins ourselves. Essential for this will be a cryptocurrency excavator, a computer with very high computing power, which will be able to quickly solve various types of cryptographic tasks necessary to create a currency.

We need to know that the easiest way to earn money is the first way. For we must know that digging up bitcoins on our own is becoming more and more difficult. And all because of the specifics of this currency. Its creator assumed that there could be 21 million “pieces”, and its production will require better and better computer equipment. As you can guess, computers that work “round” to create bitcoin, use a lot of electricity, so it often happens that the cost associated with the creation of this currency is greater than the profit obtained from its sale. Therefore, cryptocurrent excavators are often assembled, where electricity is relatively cheap, which makes digging more profitable. Many people combine their excavators, or rather their computing power with other “miners” creating mines, so that the probability of faster and cheaper generation of bitcoin is greater. We must also take into account the costs associated with the purchase of the excavator, which are not small at all.

Is it profitable to dig bitcoins for yourself? Let’s be honest, that less and less. It’s best to combine your strength with others, which of course makes our profits lower. But if someone wants to, he can try, although you must know that we will not get too much bitcoins in this way, and moreover, it will be associated with a lot of scots.

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