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When arriving at a petrol station to refuel, we always think that our car is burning too much or that fuel is too expensive. Research shows that spending on fuel in most of our families accounts for a large part of our expenses. Therefore, we should do everything to save on fuel and related costs, and contrary to appearances, the possibilities from this respect are very large. We only need to move our vehicle in the proper way, and secondly, we must ensure that the technical condition of our car is the best. Thanks to this, a lot of money will remain in our portfolio, which we can use for any purpose. Here are some tips that will allow us to save fuel in our car.

– tire pressure –

- tire pressure -

it turns out that the appropriate pressure in the tires, significantly reduces the burning of each vehicle. Specialists say that the pressure reduced by 0.5 bar can increase combustion by up to 6%. Therefore, it is worth to read the instructions related to tire pressure in our vehicle and systematically check them, for example at petrol stations,
– stopping the engine when stationary – many drivers before going on the road, often waiting a few minutes for the engine to “warm up”. This is a mistake, because current cars are ready for driving right after “firing”. Likewise, it is worth turning off the engine when we see that there is a large traffic jam ahead of us, in which we will be standing a few minutes. Modern cars often have a special system that turns off the engine during each stop, even before the lights. When we move, just press the clutch pedal and the engine starts automatically. Such behavior protects not only our pocket, but our environment,
– gentle use of the gas and brake pedals – always try to drive “smoothly” when driving. Let us not accelerate so rapidly, let us not stop with all our strength. Let’s try to brake the “engine”, do not let the engine run at high speed, just change the gears smoothly.
– let’s not bring unnecessary luggage with us – we must realize that every extra kilo in our car increases its combustion. Therefore, let us not carry things in our trunk that are not currently needed for us,
– dismantle unnecessary additions – our car should have the most streamlined shape, so that its burning will be less. Therefore, let us dismantle everything that disturbs its aerodynamics. We’re talking about the trunk (unless we need it), bike handles or skis. If we do not need them – dismantle them, and certainly we will notice a smaller burning of our car,
– air conditioning – in summer we often use air conditioning, which regulates the temperature in our vehicle, but at the same time increases its combustion. Therefore, if we drive slowly, better open the window a bit and in this way we can cool the interior of our car (if it is possible). Let’s start the air-conditioning system only when driving fast, when we can not open the windows.

– investment in LPG –

- investment in LPG -

if we have some spare means and we drive a lot of our car, it is worth installing LPG installation in it. The price of gas at gas stations is much lower, so we will soon notice lower expenses related to refueling,
– eco driving application – we can install eco driving application on our phone, which tells us how to economically move our car.

– loyalty programs –

- loyalty programs -

use loyalty programs offered to us, eg by banks or gas stations. Thanks to these programs, we will be able to buy fuel cheaper or receive a refund to the account of part of the expenses incurred for the purchase of fuel.

As we can see, there are many ways to reduce the costs associated with fuel. It is worth using them so that our wallet will not be drained by expenses related to refueling our car.

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