How to obtain a guarantee of seriousness of the online offer?


For many, having the assurance that a contractual agreement is fulfilled is fundamental. For this reason various guarantees are used. However, for the State it is also important that what a bidder offers is carried out exactly as it was offered. To ensure this arrangement is that a guarantee of seriousness of the offer is requested. In this article we will explain not only what it is and when it is used, but also how to obtain a guarantee of seriousness of online offer so you can save time.

What is a guarantee?

What is a guarantee?

But let’s start at the beginning, what is a guarantee? According to marketeria “the guarantees are intended to protect fiscal interests and support supply management, are restricted use and are used only in contracts of greater quantity, where there is a risk of non-compliance that could significantly affect the operation of the agency public and the quality of the service provided to citizens. “

Although, it can be believed that the guarantees are only requested to those who were awarded a sale, they are also requested from those who bid, so that in this way the obligations that appear in the proposal are fulfilled. That is, the conditions sent by the sale are maintained until the contractual agreement is signed.

Another characteristic is that its requirement is avoided in processes less than 1,000 UTM. In those cases, each institution must analyze whether or not its request is necessary, but it is an obligation for tenders that exceed that figure.

Regarding its validity, it is of a short period, since it only lasts while it is being tendered. This considers the estimated time of the evaluation of the offers and results, in addition to the terms for the awarding and signing of the definitive contract. Once the results are defined, the warranty expires.

For what its presence is essential, it is in the cases in which the supplier that wins the tender does not want to accept the awarded project, since in those situations the guarantee is activated to respond to the State.

As we pointed out in our article: “Types of guarantees for public tenders”, this guarantee must include the amount that the bidding entity requires of the bidders. Although there is no obligation as to what value should be assigned, some suggest that it does not exceed 5% of the estimated amount of the contract. Why? Because if it is much more, disincentive is generated. In addition, it is payable at sight and is irrevocable. The latter means that if a breach of the guaranteed contract occurs, it must be paid without opposition, nor can any resource be used that exempts the obligation of the previously presented guarantee.

How do I obtain the guarantee of seriousness of the online offer?

How do I obtain the guarantee of seriousness of the online offer?

To guarantee the seriousness of the offer, various instruments can be used. One of the most used is the bond certificate that is issued by an accredited Reciprocal Guarantee Society. These can be obtained in the portal

As the whole process is done online, it is very easy and convenient for those who need it, since they will avoid going to any office in person to request this certificate.

  1. Enter the site of
  2. Enter the RUT of your company and the code of the tender in which you wish to participate.
  3. Complete the data that will be required (Institution to which the guarantee, amount, term and gloss of this will be presented).
  4. Then a fixed commission of 1.8UF must be paid
  5. Once the payment has been validated, the guarantee certificate for the Seriousness of the Offer will be sent directly to the email that the applicant has entered.

The certificate of guarantee for the Seriousness of the Offer is one of the most used for these cases due to its benefits:

  • It has fewer requirements than other instruments and can be easily obtained remotely, as we explained in the previous paragraphs.
  • Its issue is not reported to the financial system, so credit lines and debt capacity are not affected.
  • And finally, it is not required to leave withheld the amount that needs to be guaranteed. Failure to immobilize working capital is a benefit that makes it possible for your company, and especially MSMEs, who need funds to work, to apply for opportunities in which they would not normally be able to participate.

For more information about the bail certificate, you can read our article: What is the bail certificate and how does it work?

So remember, if you need to present a guarantee of the seriousness of the offer, apply online with us. Forget about making lines, taco, or subway. With a couple of clicks you will receive it in your email.

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