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We often hear information that law enforcement has detained a person or group of people who have declared themselves companies or private lenders, but in reality they were mere cheaters who “preyed” on those who wanted to lend money. And although the state is trying to limit the possibilities of such cheaters as much as possible, it is still possible that we will be deceived by applying for a loan. How to protect yourself against such cheaters? Here are some tips.

One of the most common ways to loan fraud is to trick the person requesting additional costs. There are several ways to do this. First of all, the lenders verify their clients via a telephone call. We just have to call the number provided on the website and give the lender the most information about yourself. Usually, however, we have to call the so-called the premium number, therefore the cost of such a connection may even reach several zlotys per minute. One can imagine how much we will have to pay for such a verification conversation if it lasts a few or several minutes. Of course, the loan will not be given to us, but we will have to pay for the bill. It happens quite often that a false lender contacts us via text messages, which are also included in the premium group and for which we also have to pay a few or a dozen zlotys. Also in this case, we can forget about the loan, but we will not forgive the payment of high phone bills. Can we protect ourselves against such premium numbers? In part, yes. At the Office of Electronic Communications, we can check the list of entities that use premium numbers. If we do not find a number for which the lender makes us call, we should think that it is about a scam. First of all, you should check the numbers beginning with the number 70, short numbers or those that are preceded by * (this applies only to landline numbers).


Another way in which dishonest lenders want to cheat people who need to borrow money is to ask them to pay commissions or other costs associated with the loan before it is granted. As you can guess, after paying such a commission, contact with the lender ceases, and we can forget about the loan.

So how do you protect against dishonest lenders? First of all, when we need a loan, we should use the services of reliable and reliable loan companies. A good solution may be to check the information about the lender on Internet forums. The list of dishonest companies is announced by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority so before submitting the application it is worth looking into. We should also carefully read the loan agreements that the lender places on their site. If we are cautious and suspicious, we will not be deceived, and the loan will be granted to us quickly and safely.


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