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Cash machine – reviews and review of payday loans

Pasomat is a brand owned by Surat, based in Poznań, grants payday loans online. The cash machine is one of the few loan companies whose capital is entirely Polish. Loans are completely online, to get them, please fill out the form giving basic information about our data, address, income or credit charges. The cash machine loan is intended for people whose creditworthiness does not allow them to take a cash loan from the bank. Additionally, during the verification process, the Cash Machine may ask for a bank statement from the last 3 months or a scan of the bills issued in our name and address.

Cash machine – for whom a loan

Polish citizens who are 20 years old but under 65 are entitled to a loan from Pasomat. The company checks the KRD database of debtors, but if we have an entry there only with a small debt, then the chances of getting a quick loan still exist. Instant cash online at Pasomat can be taken for a period of 1 to 30 days, the minimum loan amount is PLN 100, the maximum amount is PLN 250 the first time, regular customers can count on raising the upper limit to PLN 1,000.

Payday loan offer at the cash machine

The loan is paid out within 30 minutes of receiving a positive decision, if we have an account in one of the seven banks where Pasomat has accounts, the money will be on our account immediately, in other cases we can wait up to 48 hours. Loans are paid out from Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm. The payday loan costs 31.6% after 30 days, which means that when borrowing PLN 250 after a month we will have to pay back PLN 329, which gives an APR of 2728.71%. The cash machine is a relatively small loan company, therefore it cannot afford loans for high amounts and without any costs, on the other hand with fewer customers and a more accurate verification process. The company leaves each client individually, thanks to which clients who have been rejected by the program in a large entity have a chance to receive a payday loan in Pasomat.

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