Month: April 2019


Pistorius bail after conviction for murder

South African justice ordered Paralympic champion Oscar Pistorius to be released on bail after being convicted on appeal last week for the murder of his girlfriend in 2013. 10,000 rand bail Pistorius, who is not yet fixated on his sentence, is ” released on bail, the bail is set at 10,000 rand ” ($ 690), […]


How to obtain a guarantee of seriousness of the online offer?

  For many, having the assurance that a contractual agreement is fulfilled is fundamental. For this reason various guarantees are used. However, for the State it is also important that what a bidder offers is carried out exactly as it was offered. To ensure this arrangement is that a guarantee of seriousness of the offer […]


Poor Cannot be Arrested just Because he Cannot Pay Bail

  The poor defendant cannot remain in custody merely because he is unable to pay bail. This was the understanding of the president of the Superior Court of Justice, Minister Laurita Vaz, in granting provisional release to a man caught with drugs for more than 70 days because he could not pay bail. The Minister […]